Earliest and Latest Usages

I’m going to try to keep public track of the earliest and latest usages found on this series as well as for every individual printing so if you have pieces that are earlier or later than the ones shown here I’d appreciate if you can send me a scan of it (at least 300dpi .)

I’ll indicate when a piece doesn’t belong to me and add a note about the origin of the picture.

General Usages

Earliest Usage:
September 6th, 1880.
From Printing I, Transfer 1.3
Latest Usage:
March 21th, 1893.
From Printing I, Transfer 1.4

Printing I

Intriguingly, the earliest and latest usages from this printing are also the same for the whole series.

Printing II

Printing III

Printing IV

The following formular card doesn’t have a clear cancellation. The content was written on 1889.

Latest Usage:
Transfer 4.1


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