The Catalog

It is with tremendous joy that I share the culmination of a small project in which I have been working on for some time.

It’s a practical catalog specialized in Venezuelan Formular Cards. With it we will be able to identify, very easily, the different printings and their transfers, as well as the relative rarity of each printing as well as the colors used in each one of them. We could also identify up to 177 varieties.

While creating this catalog, I always had the cost factor in mind. I wanted it to be something of quality both in manufacture and content. And it got to be low cost. I think I did it! I could have written a small book or something, but the cost would be too high for Venezuelans and it would’ve been less practical.

So I decided to make a quadriptych and I couldn’t be happier with my decision! That quality of the paper is really good (14pt mate cardboard with double UV coating, resistant and durable) and it also turned out to be tremendously practical. I can put it flat on the table and work on my pieces with the keys right there in front of me, or I can even put it upright in front of me and between it and me, my pieces!

And the cost? I think it is very inexpensive: Only USD15, shipping included, anywhere in the world!

Its size is 11x4in (or 23 by 10cm.)

I know it’s a very small niche catalog but I did it mostly for personal satisfaction. If it manages to increase a little the interest for these pieces, I will be doubly pleased.


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