Varieties And Errors

At first sight, these cards seem to have an insane amount of varieties and errors. Turns out the printing was pretty consistent. The quality of the plate was not the best, but the results were pretty good.

What most people consider errors or varieties are most of the time just different transfers from different printings.

I’ve found, though, a few real varieties and only one error, related to the printing process. Here I’m listing them all.

The Error

Transfer 3.3
Partially printed on the back.

This card was probably stacked over another card before it was dried, resulting in an mirror’d image on the back the card. We can deduct this because the place for the stamp is on the left instead of the right.


The first variety is an interesting one because I have the same number of T2.5 cards showing the variety than those with the regular shape.

This might mean that the plate broke around the middle of the printing process.

Transfer 2.5
Flaw on the bottom left corner.
Expected Shape.
This Variety.

The next variety is found on T3.1 pieces.

Transfer 3.1
Square below the right rosette of middle chain.
Expected shape.
This variety.

Still on Printing III I found the following variety:

Transfer 3.3
Thick vertical bar after UNIDOS.
Expected shape.
This variety.

And last, so far, another variety from Printing III.

Transfer 3.5
Vertical bar in the gap present on bottom chain.
Expected shape.
This variety.


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